nimax theatres ltd

Stage Services London Ltd have been working with Nimax Theatres since 2005, we work closely with the group on a daily basis supplying everything that is essential to their business from a mechanical view point.

During the past 11 years we have maintained and repaired the theatre equipment in the Nimax group including Counterweight, Safety Curtain, Lanterns, Chain Hoists and Eyebolts also on-going repairs and update safety equipment as required.

We carry out the annual maintenance to all theatre equipment including safety curtain, counterweight system, lanterns and eyebolts


Stage Services London Ltd are constantly updating health and safety equipment for the customer in line with current guidelines including access ladders handrails, safety gates eyebolts and catenary lines as required

palace theatre

Current Stage Services London Ltd are currently replacing 6 of the roof lantern panels in the Palace Theatre, replacing wooden frames for metal with toughened glass which have been manufactured in our London workshop

apollo theatre

Stage Services London Ltd manufactured and installed 2 drop out cat ladders to the Apollo Theatre

duchess Theatre

Stage Services London Ltd supplied and installed a horizontal catenary lifeline

garrick Theatre

Stage Services London Ltd manufactured, installed and load tested lighting frames to the Garrick Theatre

Lyric theatre

Stage Services London Ltd installed fall arrest eyebolts to various points in the Lyric Theatre



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